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Maximm Current Wall Tap Easy Access With 3 Prong Outlet Cube Plug Adapter Expanding It Into 3 AC Outlets, Perfect For Travel, ELT Listed White …

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  • EXPAND YOUR OUTLET: Turn one outlet into three with the Maximm 3 Outlet Cube Plug Adapter allowing you to power triple the amount of electronics from one plug.


  • EASY ACCESS: Allows easy access and accepts three adapters and allows adding more outlets where you need them most, behind a nightstand to charge your phone, e-reader, and alarm clock and many more.


  • TRAVEL ADAPTER PLUG: Take with you to work or school to make sure you have all the outlets you need to power your cell phone chargers, tablets, Bluetooth speakers and just plug into an existing 3 pong grounded socket and expanding it into 3 AC outlets.


  • COMPACT SIZE AND SAFE: Construction of this grounded wall tap includes a 125V / 60Hz / 15 Amp / 1875-Watt power rating with easy installation into a 3 Prong grounded AC outlet.


  • TURN ONE OUTLET INTO 3: Creates 3 outlets from a up to 3 devices and still giving you the grounding protection.