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Maximm Cable Angled Plug Flat Extension Cord with Safety Water Proof Cover - All sizes

  • ANGLED PLUG: The Maximm extension cord is top quality featuring a 36° degree angled flat supply plug with 3 female outlet connectors for additional power.
  • MULTIPLE OUTLETS: The female receptacle comes with 3 outlets giving you the option to plug in multiple devices or appliances thus having the same extension to three devices at once.
  • SPACE SAVOR: Convert your standard AC power cord to a slim angled plug, providing angular flexibility. Plug into the top outlet and still have usage of the bottom outlet.
  • FLAT PLUG: Designed for tight spaces like behind furniture, bookshelves, desks or anything which is close to the wall not allowing you to use the standard outlet.
  • HIGH QUALITY: 2-pronged outlets, polarized plug for safety and convenience, (NEMA 1-15P) to Multiple 3-Outlet (NEMA 1-15R) 2 Conductor Wire UL Listed Extension Cord. 13Amp 125Volt, 1625 Watts