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Maximm Cable 360° Rotating Flat Plug 16 AWG Extension Cord

SKU: ADW-360-3301-W-SNGL

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Maximm's 360 Flat Plug Extension Cord With 3 Outlet Design

Are you in need of a slim design extension cord that can fit through tight spaces?

The Maximm's 360 Extension cord is your solution!


  • With its unique space-saving- design Feature, the cord can fit through tight spaces, such as behind desks, bookshelves appliances and more.
Rotating flat plug Design Ensures that the cord is pointed in the right direction to prevent making the cord from turns.
  • The 360° rotating flat plug Design will rotate 360° to prevent your outlets from being blocked


MAXIMM CABLE is ensured to provide the highest quality Products and customer care for over a decade.

Maximm's 360° Flat Plug Extension Cord With The 3 Outlet Design Features:


  • Flat Plug Design - fits through tight spaces, behind furniture, appliances and more
  • 360° Rotating Feature - Plug into the top outlet and still have usage of the bottom outlet with this rotating cord
  • 3 Outlet Design - Designed to connect Multiple Devices
  • Ensures the cable is in the right direction without making unnecessary turns which prevents damage


Versatile Usage: 360° Flat Plug Extension Cord is the best extension cord to fit through tight spaces, fits behind your coach, behind Desks, Behind Appliances and more



  • 125 Volt
  • 1625 Watts
  • 13 AMPS



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