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Maximm Cable 360° Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord / Wire, 3 Prong Grounded Wire 16 Awg Power Cord

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Product Description

Maximm's 360 Flat Plug Extension Cord With 3 Outlet Design

Are you in need of a slim design extension cord that can fit through tight spaces?

The Maximm's 360 Extension cord is your solution!


  • With its unique space-saving- design Feature, the cord can fit through tight spaces, such as behind desks, bookshelves appliances and more.
  • Rotating flat plug Design Ensures that the cord is pointed in the right direction to prevent making the cord from turns.
  • The 360° rotating flat plug Design will rotate 360° to prevent your outlets from being blocked


MAXIMM CABLE is ensured to provide the highest quality Products and customer care for over a decade.

Maximm's 360° Flat Plug Extension Cord With The 3 Outlet Design Features:


  • Flat Plug Design - fits through tight spaces, behind furniture, appliances and more
  • 360° Rotating Feature - Plug into the top outlet and still have usage of the bottom outlet with this rotating cord
  • Ensures the cable is in the right direction without making unnecessary turns which prevents damage


Versatile Usage: 360° Flat Plug Extension Cord is the best extension cord to fit through tight spaces, fits behind your coach, behind Desks, Behind Appliances and more



  • 125 Volt
  • 1625 Watts
  • 13 AMPS



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