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Cat7 Ethernet Cable Blue, Black White 2 Pack

  • Crafted With Gold-plated connectors, multiple shielding & high-purity copper wire
  • Maximm’s Cat7 Ethernet Cable is double-shielded. Shielded with aluminum foil shieldings on each twisted pair and overall around the entire bundle of wires
  • Compatible With, servers, PCs/notebooks, gaming consoles, switches/hubs, modems/routers & network data points
  • The Cat7 Ethernet cable supports 10Gbps and up to 600MHZ ensuring stable network speed
  • Maximm cables are backed by a 1 year Warranty and US-based customer support.

Product description

Easy Access to High Speeds Experience the ethernet cable high speed difference at 10Gbps 600Mhz. Simply connect the RJ45 connector to any compatible modem, router, gaming console, PC, laptop, server, network data point, or anywhere you wish to upgrade your speeds from Cat 6 or earlier. Stay Plugged In and Out of Sight The flat easy-hide design makes it easy to hide your cables in tight spots, making your cables invisible when you run them behind/under carpets, rugs, furniture, and more. Braiding, Gold, and Copper Nylon-braided exterior, gold plated connectors, and 100% copper core Cat6 patch cable RJ45 cord ensures uninterrupted fast data cable transfer speeds, corrosion resistance, and a tough exterior for an ethernet cable that lasts longer. Maximm Has Your Back Was your short cable too short? Considering a long ethernet cable instead? Or maybe you just need a no-questions asked refund? Maximm has your back with full, fast refunds. We also offer a huge line of professional grade cable and hardware for audio and video. Questions? Reach out anytime you need more info on our world class line of cables and connectors. 4ft cat7 ethernet cable ethernet cord 10gb ethernet cable4ft network cable phone cable phone line 4ft phone line black ethernet cable broadband cable cable de internet cable de red cable para internet cable para wifi cable wire cat 7 flat ethernet cable cat 7 patch cable cat 7 wire cat network cable cat7 black cat7 network cable cat7 patch cable computer cables ethernet data cable data cords data line dsl cord dsl line dsl phone cable dsl wire eathnet cable ehternet cable either cable 4ft either cable either network cable eternet cable eternet cord eternity cable ether cable4ft ether net cable ether net cord ethernernet cable ethernet cable 4 ft ethernet cable ethernet cable 4ft high speed internet cable cat7 internet cord internet modem cable internet wire intranet cable lan ethernet cable lan line cable land cable long dsl cable long ethernet cable