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Maximm 3 Grounding [UL Listed] Outlet Plug Adapter Heavy-Duty Grounded Power Tap,


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  • This high quality indoor-rated multi outlet wall plug is perfect for your home, office, garage, or whatever occasion needs a reliable electrical outlet extender wall tap.
  • 3-in-1 outlet extender converts 1 grounded outlet into 3 grounded outlets for plugging in laptops, electric shavers, cell phones, hair dryers, small kitchen appliances, and more.
  • The sideways outlet adapter T-design ensures outlets below or above aren’t blocked – for an optimal wall socket extender that can be accessed from the front and two sides.
  • This wall plug extender is perfectly portable for domestic hotel and cruise ship travel (follows all strict cruise ship power requirements).
  • 3 way plug adapters by Maximm are durable, UL listed, and backed by a 1-year warranty and US-based customer support. We provide multiplug wall plugs that are safe for all of our customers.

Product description

Power Everything, Everywhere From home to cruise ship to hotel and back to your kitchen or office. The Maximm extra plug wall outlet is the perfect fit for plugging in as many devices in one place, no matter where you are. With a multiplug power outlet like this, you’ll always have outlets available without the messiness of extension cords and other messy accessories. Make it a Multi Socket Outlet Don’t have enough sockets? The 3-in-1 T-design power outlet splitter turns 1 grounded outlet into 3 grounded outlets. Use it for Years Built to last with quality components to make your three outlet adapter last for years to come. Maximm Has Your Back Was your 3 prong outlet splitter not a good fit for your home? Considering something else? Or maybe you just need a no-questions asked refund? Maximm has your back with full, fast refunds. We also offer a huge line of professional grade cable and hardware for audio and video. Questions? Reach out anytime you need more info on our world class line of cables and connectors. ac outlet expander 3 port outlet adapter 3 prong outlet adapter 3 prong outlet extender 3 prong plug extender 3 way electrical plug 3 way outlet adapter 3 way outlet splitter 3 way power splitter 3 way splitter electrical 3 way wall plug 90 degree outlet adapter 90 degree wall outlet ac outlet splitter ac plug adapter adaptadores de enchufes add electric outlet additional plug outlet angled plug adapter bathroom plug expander battery plug outlet behind couch outlet cube plug cube tap electric outlet box electric outlet expander electric outlet side plug electric plug adapter electric plug multiplier electric plug splitter electric socket expander electric socket extender electrical adapters electrical multi outlets electrical outlet expansion electrical outlet multiplier electrical outlet splitter electrical plug adapter electrical plug expander electrical socket extender enchufes multiples electricos extended outlet extension plug multiple outlet extra

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360 degree grounded plug

pretty neat- only one I've seen