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Maximm 2 Prong to 3 Prong Adapter, 2 Pack Turn Any 2 Prong Outlet into A 3 Prong Outlet with Outlet Adapter Converter, White, ETL Listed

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It’s Safe This 3 prong adapter plug safely lets you plug your grounded power appliances and devices into older home and office 2 pronged outlets. It’s Easy to Use To install, simply unscrew the ungrounded 2 prong outlet screw, plug in the 2 pronged adapter, and tighten the screw through the pin. It’s Portable Perfect for when you’re travelling to different offices. This 4 pack of wall outlet adapters are the perfect size so you’re always ready to plug in. Traveling to Japan? This is the outlet adapter you’ll need since Japan uses 2 prong outlets. Maximm Has Your Back Want a different color wall plug adapter? Was a two three wall outlet converter not what you needed? Or maybe you just need a no-questions asked refund? Maximm has your back with full, fast refunds. We also offer a huge line of professional grade cable and hardware for audio and video. Questions? Reach out anytime you need more info on our world class line of cables and connectors. 3 to 2 prong adapter 2 prong grounding adapter 2prong adapter 3 pong adapter 3 prong grounded plug 3 prong wall adapter ac plug adapter adaptador de enchufe adaptadores de enchufes convert plug outlet adapter electric adaptor electric outlet adapter electric plug adapter electrical plug adapter ground plug converter grounded plug adapter grounded plug adaptor grounding adapter polarized grounding outlet adapter grounding plug adapter three prong outlet adapter 2 prong plug addapter plug afaptor three plug outlet adapter three prong adapter three prong connector three prong converter triple plug outlet adapter two plug outlet adapter two prong adapter two prong converter wall plug converter