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Maximm 5 Pack Electrical Outlet Tamper Resistant Decora Wall Outlet Duplex Receptacle 15A, Wall Plate Covers, White, Assorted Screw on Wire Connector Twist-on Cap Nuts, PVC Vinyl Electrical Tape - UL

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Jumbled supplies and missing pieces are now a thing of the past

With Maximm’s complete wall outlet kit, installing electric outlets and wall plates is a cinch.
All tools and parts are easily accessible and within hands reach. Orderly sections keep the kit neat
and well-arranged at all times. Inside the electric kit, you will find 5 electric cable receptacles
that accommodate two or three prong plugs, and maintain maximum conductivity. Five wall
outlet covers pair perfectly with the plug outlets whilst adding a polished touch and keeping
the walls tidy. The beveled edge adds a classy finish to your handiwork. The package also
contains 5 rolls of electric tape, and assorted wiring connectors for easy setup and assured permanence.
For added safety, the electrical receptacles are tamper-resistant and blocks little fingers, small objects
and other dangerous items from poking the holes. Whether you wish to add them to your home,
place of business, or a public area, this DIY kit provides a quick, versatile solution for beginners and
proficient handymen alike.

Features and Specifications:

  • 5 Decorator Outlets
  • 5 Outlet covers
  • 5 Rolls Electrical tape
  • Assorted connectors- 50 count
  • Additional hardware for installation is not included. Verify voltage and relevant
    parameters before installing this unit.


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