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Maximm Cable Power Extension Cord/Wire, Electrical Power Cord 3 Prong Grounded Wire, 16Awg ETL Listed

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  • IDEAL: Power extension cable to extend the outlets on the power strip to avoid being cluttered by bulky power adapters or a great solution for adding some length to your current electronic device cords.
  • SPACE SAVOR: Maximize the usage of you power strips electrical cords power outlets cables and wall outlets with this extension cable by allowing you to use every outlet you own through this nice and simple SJTW extension cord.
  • COMPATIBLE: The standard three-prong design allows use in almost anything that accepts a three-prong adapter. Great for TVs, speakers, stereos, game systems, chargers, computers, monitors, scanners, power transformers ,printers etc.
  • STURDY AND FLEXIBLE: This cord is constructed with double insulation and molded-on plugs, designed for water resistant and flame retardant, Vinyl covering protects against abrasion and direct sunlight exposure and resistant to moisture and abrasion.
  • HIGH QUALITY: 3-pronged outlets, ETL approved with a standard NEMA 15-5-P grounded power plug to a NEMA 5-15R connector; SJTW 13A/300V/1625W

Product description

Maximm Cable 16 AWG Extension Cord - 8 Feet - White (NEMA 5-15R to NEMA 5-15P)

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use!

The Maximm 16AWG, 13A Power Extension Cord is the ideal, simple and affordable solution for extending the length to your power outlet, power strip, power cords or any appliances and electronics, which will help you maximize the usage and complete any of your power connections.

Optimize your outlet or device with this extender by allowing you to regain your outlet spaces you own and wish to use ,and still giving you the option to connect bulky power adapters to your power strip, power cord, wall outlet or surge suppressor without loosing the space from any other outlets.

The standard three-prong design allows use in almost anything, Such as TVs, speakers, stereos, game systems, chargers, computers, monitors, scanners, power transformers, printers and much more!

Quality Construction

The Maximm cable extension cord is a 16-gauge consisting of three-prong, grounded for safety. Providing highest quality with a Sturdy Long-Lasting Construction, durable vinyl covering insulating and protecting the cord's conducting wires, plus resists moisture, abrasion, and the damaging effects of sunlight, and resistant to extreme temperature which will not crack or deteriorate.This cord is recommended for general indoor/outdoor use.


16/3 -16Awg with 3 conductors grounded.

SJTW - S = service, J = Junior, T = Thermoplastic/Vinyl, W-A = Weather Approved.

13A - 125V -1625W

ETL Approved - meeting the required safety standards.

Important Information

125 volts