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Maximm Coaxial Cable Straight to Straight RG6 F-Pin Triple Shielded UL CL3 in-Wall Rated

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  • TRIPLE SHIELDED RG6 COAX CABLE: Professional grade 3 layer shielded RG6 Coax cable is the perfect connecting cable for digital video and audio signals for the highest quality image and fidelity for F Pin connected devices.
  • PERFECT CABLE FOR SATELLITE TV & HIGH SPEED INTERNET: Ideal coaxial cable for Directv, Dish Network, and broadband internet modem connections. Use with cable TV boxes, VCR’s and Over The Air HD Antennas. Secure laced cable connectors
  • MANUFACTURED WITH FULL TRIPLE SHIELDED CORE: 3 layer helps to disrupt Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) giving you a clean a crisp signal regardless of outside interference even in Rf heavy zones.
  • UL CL3 CERTIFIED FOR IN WALL USE: UL safety certification for in wall cable use insures prevention of fires and overheating cables. Run cable in walls or direct from satellite dish or HD Antenna for highest quality digital signal. 4.7 mm in diameter.
  • DURABLE & FLEXIBLE PVC JACKET: Flexible jacket is ideal for running cable through dry wall and over drop ceilings girders. Flexible PVC jacket allows for bending cable without damaging the triple shielded insulated wiring.